Paramount Records Set to be Released By Jack White, Third Man Records

The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records is a massive collection being put together by Jack White and John Fahey to cover the eclectic recordings done by the Wisconsin Chair Company starting in 1917. The set is going to contain six 180 gram LPs (87 songs) collected in a hand crafted oak case reminiscent of phonograph cases in the 1920s. There will also be a cool app distributed with The Rise and Fall on USB devices. The app will feature unique music and art to help the layman navigate the massive collection. Paramount Records produced a huge number of recordings, but kept no records of what they recorded. So Jack White and a team of artists, writers, musicians - 30-50 people in all - collected as much information as they could for the release of Volume One. Volume One will be out October 29th, with more volumes to follow in the coming years. Artists in the Paramount collection include Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and so many others. Be warned, The Rise and Fall isn't a "best of". Jack White's partner for the project, Dean Blackwood says that it's a collection of some big names and "not even one-hit wonders, they're one or two recording wonders."