Upcoming My Morning Jacket Record "Without Limits"

Jim James, frontman for legendary Kentucky rock band My Morning Jacket, has recently made statements regarding their next studio album. There is no release date just yet, but James recently declared at a show, "With My Morning Jacket, we don't put limits on anything." MMJ's last album Circuital came out in May of 2011, and received many favorable reviews. Don't expect the same sort of material as Circuital though, since James himself has no idea what the album should sound like. Lately, James has become exceptionally interested in saxophone and the recordings of Duke Ellington, and there's always more room for brass in rock n roll. This sax obsession started while recording his solo album Regions of Light and Sound of God. "I loved being in the studio, building scores, building soundscapes," James said. He also mentioned that producer Joe Chiccarelli told him not to record demos anymore. James argues that this means anything they record has the potential to make it to the next album.