Tim Wright Passes Away

tim15 Tim Wright - the bassist of the experimental rock band Pere Ubu and no wave band DNA died.  According to Pere Ubu frontman David Thomas, Wright passed away this past Sunday.  Thomas released the following message to the public via Facebook "Tim Wright died Sunday, August 4 2013, reports longtime partner Mary Ann Livchack.  He was an original member of Pere Ubu and later a contributor to the No Wave scene New York City."  The cause of death is still unknown, Wright was 61 years old. Wright joined the influential Cleveland based band, Pere Ubu in 1975 after his previous band Rocket from the Tombs broke up.  Pere Ubu had the 1976 single, "Final Solution." Wright was in Pere Ubu for three years before relocating to New York City to join the no wave group DNA.  DNA would become one of the most important bands in New York City's no wave movement scene and were featured in the film Downtown 81.