Mike Doughty Rereleases "The Idiot Kings"

mike-doughty-press-2013-650-430 Doughty, former singer-songwriter of Soul Coughing, is revisiting and recreating some of their music.  Doughty and Soul Coughing split back in 2000 when he went solo after a falling out with the band.  Doughty completely turned his back on the music of Soul Coughing and refused to play it.  However, Doughty has had a recent change of heart. Doughty and  hip-hop producer Good Goose have paired up to redo some Soul Coughing songs.  The first single off the new album, Circles Super Bon Bon..., is the track "The Idiot Kings."  The track "The Idiot Kings" includes Catherine Popper, of Jack White's band on the upright bass.  In a recent interview with Billboard, Doughty commented on recreating Soul Coughing music, "When I wrote this, at age 24, I was hoping for a pop single, and it never quite turned out that way.  Now, with the hip-hop producer Good Goose -- who's actually a stealth pop guy -- I think I made the song what it wanted to be." The new album, Circles Super Bon Bon... is due to be out on September 17 and rereleased worldwide via Doughty's imprint Snack Bar and Megaforce Records.  Doughty will also be touring the U.S. this fall with this new band and for the first time in 13 years he will playing the music of Soul Coughing.  You can listen to the first single "The Idiot Kings," here.