Franz Ferdinand Go Mod For "Right Action" Video

When post-punkers get a new sense of rhythm, things brighten up a little. Such is the case with Franz Ferdinand, Scotland's premiere mopey-yet-dance-able musicians, who fell into a bit of a funk after hitting it big with songs like "Take Me Out." But their latest single, "Right Action," off their first album in four years, Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action, is a breath of fresh air. Wacky and groove-heavy, not unlike early Talking Heads, "Right Action" is illustrated in this Jonas Odell-directed music video as a step back into the classics section of the design department. (Odell also gave his recognizable touch to the "Take Me Out" video back in 2004.) With Cold War-era instruction manual graphics, bright colors, and wonderfully skewed perspectives, "Right Action" has almost as much to look at as there is to hear. It's a tough call, but probably the best pictures are the cow diagram (divided into sections such as "right words," "sunshine," and "love") and the meticulous human skeleton that appear. It's a sensory overload, and too many details to take in during a single viewing. But along with the fuzz-rocker B-side "Love Illumination," Franz Ferdinand seems to be heading in the right direction to reclaiming their stance as the cultural juggernauts they were in the mid-2000s.