Travis Debuts Music Video for Single "Moving"

Scottish alternative band Travis has been around since 1990, but the singles preempting their seventh (!) studio album are full of life and energy. "Moving," the second song off Where You Stand, out August 19 (the first since 2008's Ode to J. Smith), came with an accompanying music video that is simple and beautiful, much like the tune itself. Standing in their hats and jackets in the cold, Fran Healey and his Glasgow group sing and blow into the cold air, with animated figures of men running coming out of their frosted breaths. But the music video was made with no post-production, apparently; the animations were all projected from that light in the back, and the cold air made by their breathing was enough for the light to project onto. That explains the imperfections and swirls in the heads and figures that appear. The song itself is classic Britpop, with that belted, moving chorus making obvious the influences that bands like Coldplay took from Travis way back when. "Where You Stand," the title track and first single, is another sweet midtempo tune, although more acoustic than "Moving."