Bob Dylan's 1965 Newport Folk Festival Electric Guitar Going to Auction

Bob Dylan's guitar from his 1965 Newport Folk Festival set is going on auction. The Fender Stratocaster was a part of Dylan's infamous July 25, 1965 three song set in which he chose to go electric. This was the first show in which Dylan had performed with a backing band, which marked an evolution in his already iconic career. The guitar spent nearly 50 years in the home of New Jersey resident Dawn Peterson's. Peterson recently settled a legal dispute that allowed her to sell the guitar. Peterson's attorney Christopher DeFalco explained some of the conditions of the sale of the guitar, "One term of the agreement that I obviously can disclose is that Mr. Dylan will participate in the sale to the extent that he will be signing off on any ownership interest after the sale. The person who buys it will receive a bill of sale that will be signed both by the Petersons and Mr. Dylan or his representatives." The sale will also include handwritten Dylan lyrics from 1965 which were also found in the guitar case. The lyrics include fragments of the songs, "Just Like a Woman, "Medicine Sunday," and " Temporary Like Achilles." Peterson commented on the sale saying, "I would feel unsafe hanging it on a wall now, after all this went on," she says. "I would have to pay to keep it locked up, and I want somebody else to enjoy it. I'm hoping it goes to a museum so it can be shared with everybody."  The exact details of the settlement allowing Dawn Peterson to put the guitar up for auction remain confidential and neither party will say whether or not Dylan will share the profits of the sale.