Listen to New Iron & Wine on Lone Ranger Soundtrack

Samuel Beam and his epic beard are back at it again. Iron & Wine have released a new single, "Rattling Bones," on the soundtrack for the upcoming summer blockbuster, The Lone Ranger. Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean and The Ring) also co-produced the film's soundtrack. "These are the artists we listened to on the way to set each morning and in the evenings with the dust, like bitter chalk, upon our teeth," says Verbinski.  The lyrics contain vivid imagery and religious hymns that put the listener right back into the wild wild west.  Iron & Wine's track on the album, "Rattling Bone" captures the essence of the old West, which is perfect for the The Lone Ranger. You can listen to the live stream of The Lone Ranger Soundtrack via Spin and the demo version at YoutubeThe Lone Ranger Soundtrack hits stores on July 2.