James Murphy Writing Music for Broadway Show Starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

James Murphy is best known being the frontman of the band LCD Soundsystem and for his work as a DJ.  Since LCD Soundsystem disbanded in 2011, Murphy has been working on projects and collaborations left and right.  James Murphy's recent list of collaborations includes working with Arcade Fire, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre and many more.  Murphy is now branching out from the electronic and indie music scenes to work on Broadway.

James Murphy has been working on original music for the Broadway production for the musical Betrayal. The show is going to be Mike Nichol's new stage adaptation of Harold Pinter's 1978 original play.  The play is about a wife's affair which is told in reverse chronological order.  Betrayal is going to star Daniel Craig of the recent James Bond movie series and Rachel Weisz of The Bourne Legacy and Oz the Great and Powerful.   Betrayal begins its previews on October 1 and opens October 27.