Modern Lovers' "Roadrunner" May Become Massachusetts' Official Rock Song

A new proposed bill by state Representative Martin “Marty” Walsh may make one of the most iconic punk rock songs ever, the official rock song of Massachusetts. "Roadrunner", originally written and performed by The Modern Lovers in 1972, it's essentially a love song to the native home state of frontman Jonathan Richman. Richman was 19 when he wrote the song and according to former bandmate, John Felice, Richman "used to get in the car and just drive up and down Route 128 and the Turnpike [in Massachusetts]. We'd come up over a hill and he’d see the radio towers, the beacons flashing, and he would get almost teary-eyed. He'd see all this beauty in things where other people just wouldn’t see it."

When asked for comment from The Boston Globe, Richman stated "It's very flattering," he said, "but I don't think the song is good enough to be a Massachusetts song of any kind." Oh, Jonathan. The proposed bill may see a public hearing as early as April. If it all goes well, the bill goes to the state House of Representatives and, if passed, to the Senate. If approved it goes to Governor Deval Patrick for signing. The Modern Lovers "Roadrunner" --