The 9:13 Buzz with Justin Jacobs

Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of Pittsburgh's finest music writers joins me (Cindy Howes) on the Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Justin Jacobs (talking to us from Israel via Skype!), contributing writer to Billboard & Relix Magazine. Graveyard, "Fool in the End" - This is the kind of band that makes rock history nerds tight in the jeans. Graveyard is a bunch of Swedes who rock like they are touring with Black Sabbath in 1972. Fast, heavy and loud, but not in the sense that bands are fast, heavy and loud today. Just pictures mustaches and heavy metal parking lots. Their new album just dropped, and is making some serious waves in rock writer circles. Hopefully they catch on. Cody ChesnuTT, "Don't Wanna Go the Other Way" - Another throwback, and equally as convincing. Cody ChesnuTT's new record, his first in a decade, is some of the world's finest soul music: personal lyrics, big and bold horns, thumping rhythm sections and ChesnuTT's smooth, Marvin Gaye-gone-wild voice. His first album, The Headphone Masterpiece, was 36 lo-fi songs recorded in his bedroom. His second, last month's "Landing on a Hundred," is the opposite, a big, shiny soul record with all the trimmings. Bonus! Jim James, "Know Til Now" - The My Morning Jacket frontman is prepping a solo album, and his first single is a tasty space funk treat. Stream this one at work and watch your coworkers faces as you float away.