Rock the Block Music Preview

Headliner - Fountains of Wayne Rock the Block’s headliner this year is the fun and quirky Fountains of Wayne. Having not released an album since their 2007 effort Traffic and Weather, the band is back with a musical vengeance to create catchy tunes with their latest release Sky Full of Holes. The album takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster, causing a chuckle here and there and bringing on the heavy stuff with songs like “Cemetery Guns”. Fountains of Wayne has been deeply involved in TV and film soundtracks. Their songs have appeared on hit series such as How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls and Scrubs. There is sure to be a song known by every Rock the Block attendee, such as their hit single “Stacey’s Mom”? If you are in need of a pop-rock revival, allow Fountains of Wayne’s up-beat, poppy melodies to bring in the festive air of a night on the town at WYEP’s Rock the Block! VIP Performer - Ben Sollee There is no better artist to perform the intimate Rock the Block VIP session than the pop-folk cellist Ben Sollee. His songs are layered with a sweet innocence meant to bring a crowd together. Every track is filled with his honey-brushed vocals and passionate, percussion style cello plucking. Sollee is a devout environmentalist and uses many of his songs to speak out against ecological atrocities. Born in Kentucky, he struggles with the sight of his Appalachia being ripped apart by the removal of mountaintops in coal mining. His lyrics are often a plea for a nature that cannot speak for itself. Collaborating with talented artists such as Abigail Washburn, Bela Fleck and Casey Driessen, Sollee has had incredible opportunities to formulate and tweak a sound that is all his own. Come see this unique performer live at WYEP’s Rock the Block and you will not be disappointed. Local Opener - Chet Vincent & The Big Bend The Pittsburgh music scene is overflowing with local musical talents. Chet Vincent & The Big Bend are representing this cultural niche at Rock the Block with their blend of alternative rock and country. The band started out as a group of young guys playing music together, just scratching the surface of Pittsburgh’s nightlife. A few years later, they all met up again to dive right into a city thirsty for new artists. Chet Vincent & The Big Bend’s old-timey clothing style gives their performances an air of entertainment and whimsy. They come to shows guitars tuned, shoes shined and suspenders at the ready. --- All previews written by WYEP Summer Marketing Intern Katie O'Leary Rock the Block takes place Saturday, September 17 at The WYEP Community Broadcast Center (67 Bedford Square) and in Bedford Square on the South Side. VIP starts at 6pm, General Admission starts at 8pm. Tickets are available until 12pm Saturday at Tickets will then be available at the gates, day of the event, starting at 5:45pm. More information at