Concert Review: Lucinda Williams and Amos Lee

(Photo by Mr. Barb)

Lucinda Williams and Amos Lee performed on the North Shore Sunday Night. Amos Lee may be from Philadelphia, but he knew he was on the other side of the commonwealth and felt comfortable enough to refer to us as “yinzers” by the end of his 14 song 1-hour and 15-minute set. Mr. Lee brought a larger band with him than did Lucinda Williams. Pedal Steel, banjo, upright and electric bass, drums, electric guitars, keys and male and female back-up singers; while he stood center stage switching between electric and acoustic guitars. Mercifully, the stage and seating area were in the shade by the time Mr. Lee took the stage at 8 p.m. Mr. Lee began with El Camino and showed versatility though out the evening with gospel, country-tinged songs - varying the tempo to bring the crowd into his performance (those who had never heard of Amos Lee before this show, surely knew who he was afterwards.) There was the title track of Supply and Demand, (2006) Flower from Mission Bell (2011), along with Truth, Street Corner Preacher from Last Days at the Lodge (2008). One of his backup singers, “Angel” (Mutlu), came out all in white to do a song reminiscent of Soul Train circa 1976 (Shower with Love) as he sang about cereal and shampoo – it was hilarious. Ms. Williams joined Mr. Lee on Clear Blue Eyes. He ended his set with Windows Are Rolled Down. Lucinda Williams performed 16 songs (including 2 in the encore) with her 3–piece band (bass, drums, guitar) in a 1-hour and 20-minute set. A few new songs off of her current CD Blessed (including the title track as part of the encore): I Don’t Know How You’re Livin’, Copenhagen, Born to Be Loved and Buttercup. Ms. Williams never stood still, bouncing around and swaying even when she was just at the microphone without her guitar. She told us that a couple of people (her brother and a person in jail) were subjects in her songs previously. There was Pineloa (about poet Frank Stanford) and Metal Firecracker. Also Joy and Honey Bee. All delivered with passion and wrapped up neatly by 11 p.m on a warm night in Pittsburgh. Barb S. – Sunday Mix Host