A journey through song, 2011, Saturday

Saturday we docked at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas during the day, before our final night of music. While Mr. Barb was photographing the sunset as we headed toward Miami, I went to the final show by WPA, which was also the last show on the pool deck.  During the set, a birthday cake was brought up for WPA’s bassist Sebastian Steinberg.  Sean Watkins of WPA also celebrated his birthday on board.  Dan Wilson (Semisonic) played keyboards and got to sing “Free Life” again – a song that I could not get out of my head the next day, every time I heard it.  Glen Phillips wanted to give us all a group hug; saying that the songwriters cruise is also very special and a highlight every year for the performers as well – they look forward to the cruise as much as we do.  I finally got to see almost a full show by Tyrone Wells.  He brought his wife Alina up on stage to sing the first song they wrote together.  Apparently Mr. Wells has been confused for Tim and Phil Hanseroth (the twins with Brandi Carlile) at times, so he brought them both up on stage to sing a song.  Mr. Barb went to see the Steep Canyon Rangers again.  Brandi Carlile and Colin Hay were guests with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  I met Dave at the final performance by Larkin Poe.  They again ended with a cover version of Jimi Hendrix and just seemed delighted to be on board this cruise .  We decided to keep our seats and hang out for Chuck Cannon.  All week we had never been able to get a seat at one of his shows.  Mr. Cannon was joined on stage by Shawn Mullins on 3 songs, including their new gospel song about giving God the Blues and the sing-a-long song of the cruise “Light You Up”.  Mr. Cannon was having a good time on the final night; perhaps fueled in part by all the free drinks people were buying for him and his great personality.  The final concert of the cruise was hosted in the atrium by Enter the Haggis.  Special guests included Ellis Paul, Colin Hay, Larkin Poe and the guitarist for Shawn Mullins, Davis Causey.  The music shut down after 1 a.m., although I don’t think any of us wanted to go back to our cabins.  We had a few more encounters with performers.  Colin Hay said he was looking forward to playing in Pittsburgh in April, as they’ve been trying to book a date here.  I was able to tell Will Hoge how much I enjoyed his show.  He’s very much a southern gentleman (from Nashville, TN); as he extended his hand and introduced himself as Will and then asked me my name.  I think 2011 will be a banner year for new music as it seems almost every act on the cruise was working on a CD.  We loved hearing all the new music they shared with us (we’re a good listening type audience).  This journey through song exceeded our expectations with all the (new) music, the introduction (to us) of new artists, the musical collaborations, the impromptu jam sessions and the interactions with the performers.  The songwriters all seemed to love the community of music that has been formed and we’re all drawn in to the music.  We’re ready to sail again, for year 5, in 2012 Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host