A journey through song, 2011, Thursday

Thursday was our 2nd port stop Frederiksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Perfect weather to tour this beautiful city.  Back on-board for another full night of music. We began the evening seeing Shawn Mullins.  He had Chuck Cannon join him on the Cannon penned song about Johnny Cash.  Dar Williams joined Mr. Mullins on “Beautiful Wreck”.  A highlight was “ House of the Rising Sun”.  We tried to catch a song by Tyrone Wells before going to our headliner show.  Tonight it was the Indigo Girls.  While Amy was dealing with some technical issues with her guitar, Emily answered a few questions from the crowd.  Their guitar tech was recovering from a stroke and she will be joining them in Australia.  Someone yelled out they would buy them lunch tomorrow and Amy said “didn’t they tell you that was free?”.  Lucy Wainwright Roche joined them, as well as Brandi Carlile.  The Indigo Girls will be recording a new album in Nashville in April and May.  Their harmonies are amazing, as was evidenced by their cover of Paul Simon’s It’s Allright”,.  They also debuted a new song that Emily had to use lyrics on a lyric stand for (the lyrics were in big print). We went to the last set that Ellis Pail was scheduled to perform, and he continued to say he was having such a great time and hoped to return.  We both caught a few songs by Allison Moorer.  She had her husband’s Steve Earle’s band as her band.  Mr. Barb went to see Larkin Poe again while I went to see the added “all request” show by Glen Phillips in the bar lounge.  Mr. Phillips,using Sean Watkin’s guitar,  took requests for his solo songs like “Fred Meyer” and “Darkest Hour” and Toad the Wet Sprocket’s,  “Walk on The Ocean” and closing with “All I Want”.  Sean Watkins played guitar for Mr. Phillips on one song and Jerry Roe (WPA drummer) helped Mr. Phillips out on the lyrics on one song.  Right before 10p, some of the crowd left to go to the headliner show and Mr. Phillips made a comment that he thought they were all just going for soft serve.  Mr. Phillips also has been revealing the secret where the “real” coffee was located in the Food Hose (aka, The Garden Cafe).  After his show, Mr. Phillips signed a couple of CD’s for me saying that he should know my name by now, as he’s asked me that “a thousand times.”  After a time change back to EST (another hour of sleep), Friday is a day at sea, with warm, windy conditions, with rough waves but smoother sailing ahead.  The music is set to begin at 1p on the pool deck and continue all day. Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host