A journey through song, 2011, Wednesday

Wednesday was a warm day (low 80’s, 80% humidity) at our first port stop Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin islands, with another full night of music on tap and even more musical choices to make. The music got underway at 6pm with Will Hoge on the pool deck.  Mr. Hoge, came out on stage alone to sing a couple of new songs, before bringing out his band.   It was so windy on the pool deck, that Mr. Hoge’s guitars fell over and got out of tune.  For the remainder of his set, someone stood by his guitars to keep them steady on stage.  Like many of the artists on board , Mr. Hoge is humbled to be in the presence of such greats such as John Prine.  For his last song, Mr. Hoge dedicated it to Kevn Kinney.  When Mr. Hoge was starting out 11 years ago, they opened a show for Drivin’ and Cryin.  They were only paid $75 by the promoter.  After the gig, Mr. Kinney opened his wallet and gave Mr. Hoge $200, knowing they probably did not get paid a lot to open.  Mr. Hoge appreciated that and has never forgotten the gesture and tries to “pay back” the favor when he can.  Mr. Barb went to take sunset photos at the same time as a member of  Enter the Haggis (they discussed cameras.).  Then Mr. Barb went to catch Ellis Paul and I joined him later in the atrium for the last part of that show.  Mr. Ellis  is going to have 8 songs in the forthcoming movie “Hall Pass”.  We then went to see the end of Colin Hay’s show.  He was joined by his wife on vocals and she also danced.  Mr. Hay was not feeling well, but seemed to be holding his own.  He even had the bartenders singing along to a Men at Work song.  Mr. Hay noted that he gave up drinking about 20 years ago.  We continued our musical journey with The Masterson’s (they are in Steve Earle’s band).  This was the only scheduled show for this husband and wife duo.  We went to see the Steep Canyon Rangers again.  They are quite impressive in their suits and old-time approach to bluegrass.  They are known as Steve Martin’s band, and really taking bluegrass to a new level; including writing new music (they also have a new CD coming out soon). This was followed by another set from WPA, who again had Dan Wilson (Semisonic) join them; he also performed “Free Life” again (I could not get that song out of my head all the next day).  Again Luke Bulla, Glen Phillips and Sean Watkins took turns on lead vocals.  To end the evening we caught a little of Kevn Kinney’s truck stop.  He had guests like Shawn Mullins, Will Hoge, Ellis Paul, Chuck Cannon  and The Mastersons join him.  I had one of those cruise moments, when we the elevator doors opened, and there stood Shawn Mullins with his guitarist Patrick Blanchard.  We said hello and I asked Mr. Mullins if he was able to get ashore (Mr. Mullins has commented the previous night he is usually up all night and doesn’t get up in time to get off the ship).  He did get off the ship and we compared our sun burns and then complimented him on his show.  He said to check him out again and we told him we certainly will.  Thursday was yet another warm day (low 80’s, 80% humidity) at our 2nd port stop St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, with another full night of music. Barb S. - SundayMix Host