A journey through song, 2011, Tuesday

Tuesday was another warm, humid and breezy day at sea on our journey through song. The music got underway at 1pm with Sam and Ruby on the pool deck. They have wonderful harmonies. In the atrium we got our 4-timer alumni group photo taken. There are 184 of us on-board and we make up 9% of the cruisers this year. Glen Phillips, on a borrowed acoustic guitar from Luke Bulla, did a set in the Bliss Lounge (aka, the bowling alley). Mr. Phillips went on his usual tangents for an hour (it is quiet endearing), in between songs from his solo work and with Toad the Wet Sprocket (including the very the appropriate “Walk on the Ocean”) He also did a song he co-wrote with Dan Wilson and had us singing harmonies and backing vocals without much rehearsal on a few others. Mr. Phillips ended with a Paul Simon song “It’s Allright”. We may get to see a new CD of unreleased songs from Mr. Phillips, if the airline ever gets their luggage to this ship. There’s an added “All Request” show with Mr. Phillips in the atrium later this week. I joined Mr. Barb on the pool deck as he was watching Larkin Poe perform. They ended their show again with a Jimi Hendrix song. They have a boxed set of 4-EP’s based on each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) which they have been playing songs from. I went to see Will Hoge on the pool deck. He promises that all his shows on board will be different. He works very hard at his craft and like many of the other songwriters on-board seemed humbled to be in the presence of so many talented singer-songwriters. Mr. Hoge is in the process of working on a new album and even brought the hard drive on board to work on the album. He also shared a couple of brand new songs with us. Our headliner show tonight was Brandi Carlile. One of her special guests was Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls) and a couple of other session musicians on board. Ms. Carlile road tested a couple of brand new songs (she’s going into the studio February 28th), including a performance debut of a song called “Bird on a Wire”. We liked the new material very much. The floating music festival atmosphere on this cruise lends itself to artists trying out new material. She’s really gained alot of confidence since the 1st cruise with her stage presence and material. She performed “The Story” and a wonderful version of “Caroline”. We went early to get a seat to see Shawn Mullin’s and so got to see his sound check. Mr. Mullins looked out at all of us sitting there and said “Y’all aren’t supposed to be here. (pause). But I’m kind of glad you’re here”. He added we’re not supposed to see all their mistakes and that it was like a magician practicing all his tricks. Another great performance by Shawn Mullins, which included Chuck Cannon as a guest. They co-wrote a song that will be on a new gospel album that will include Emmylou Harris and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. It’s about giving God the blues. This is probably my favorite show so far this week as it had a lot of energy, with an appreciative audience. We all sang along again on “Light You Up”. They moved the Loudon Wainwright show to a larger venue, due to demand. We opted to see Dan Wilson’s solo set in the bar lounge. Mr. Wilson recorded his first solo album “Free Life” with about 30 friends; 2 of who joined him on stage, Ruby (Sam and Ruby) and Sean Watkins (WPA, Nickel Creek). He performed some new music from a CD that he just finished, as well as tracks from “Free Life”, ending the show with the title track. We ended the evening in the atrium bopping along to the music of Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars. I had the chance to talk with Glen Phillips prior to his solo set, as he was walking by on the pool deck eating an orange. He said he was just trying to wake up. We also chatted with Ellis Paul, who told us that if we have the chance to vote, he’d definitely like to come back next year (yes, we can certainly can oblige!). Mr. Barb requested one of Mr. Paul’s older songs (“She Loves a Girl”) and Mr. Paul commented that it was from 13 years ago and he’d have to work that up (maybe we will see it in a future set?). We also keep meeting people from Pittsburgh. PA has 109 people on this cruise, with only states like CA, TX and FL having more cruisers. Wednesday is a warm day (low 80’s, 80% humidity) It’s our first port stop Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin islands, with another full night of music on tap and even more musical choices to make. Barb S - Sunday Mix host