A journey through song, 2011, Valentine’s Day

Red and white streamers with heart shaped decorations and signs reminded us it was Valentine’s Day even though we’re on a cruise ship at sea. The music got underway at 1pm with Steep Canyon Rangers on a sunny warm (mid 70’s) and very windy pool deck. Dressed in neatly tailored suits, they played the old time bluegrass, new compositions; while at times gathering around one microphone to sing in the old style. Kevn Kinney told very interesting stories in a conversationalist style. He commented that he wasn’t used to playing a show so early (2:30 p.m.) to an audience that was so intently listening. Enter the Haggis provided Celtic music that included bag pipes and a multi-instrumentalist who could play the keyboards and violin and really kept things moving on the pool deck. I attended a taping of a World Cafe episode that will feature Will Hoge and Scott Miller. (no spoilers, but the show was being taped on Valentine’s Day, so that was a theme) Host David Dye asked the songwriters to play four songs: their favorite song that they wrote early on, a current favorite they wrote, a cover song and a song that they can’t leave out of their shows. At the end, Mr. Hoge & Mr. Miller collaborated on a song. Mr. Dye said the episodes taped on board will probably air on World Cafe in April. We also heard a couple more songs by Tyrone Wells on the pool deck. Tonight was our first headliner, Steve Earle. He brought his new band, which also included his wife Allison Moorer on keyboards, guitar and backing vocals. Ms. Moorer will also play solo shows and tape an episode of World Cafe with Dar Williams. Mr. Earle welcomed us to his vacation and started the show with “Copperhead Road”, adding in a song about Valentine’s Day. He did an extended version of “City of Immigrants” and included a song that he wrote with his wife Ms. Moorer, adding, so they could sing it together on stage. The set really rocked. Mr. Earle has a CD coming out in April (produced by T. Bone Burnett) and will be touring to support it. We had to wait in line to attend the SRO performance of Dar Williams (we had heard it was packed earlier in this venue for Loudon Wainwright and a future show has been moved to a larger venue). Ms. Williams enjoyed sharing her songs with an appreciative audience and ended her set with “Pagans and Christians”. Mr. Barb caught a couple of songs by Jim Bianco. Ellis Paul performed his first set on-board with a band that included a guitar, keyboard and accordion. Mr. Paul seemed to enjoy his first journey through song. Had us singing “nah nah’s”. He began with “Rose Tattoo” and even did a Christmas song about armadillos in TX. We went to catch the ending of Chuck Cannon’s show, thinking we would be able to call it an early night. Little did we know that Mr. Cannon did not want to turn in early. Mr. Cannon unplugged his guitar and like a piped piper invited all of us to follow him upstairs to the atrium to crash the jam session. We dutifully followed and we were all treated to impromptu performances from Shawn Mullins with his band. Imagine an atrium full of people and more people up above on the next deck looking over and singing along on an extended jam of “Light You Up” (we all knew the words). “Will It Go Round in Circles” was the next jam. Brother and sister duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Sarah and Christian Dugas (The Duhks) came up to sing “Superstition”, along with Roddie Romero. And the music continued long after that. We got to chat briefly with Kevn Kinney and Luke Bulla (WPA) to tell them we enjoyed their performances and music. We also had the opportunity to talk to a couple of WYEP listener members who are on-board. Tuesday is bringing us another warm, humid and breezy day of music at sea. Barb S. Sunday Mix Host