Concert Review: Livingston Taylor

It's summer!  A perfect evening for music as Livingston Taylor performed an entertaining 90-minute show Friday at the South Park Amphitheater. Livingston Taylor came to sing songs from his most recent release "Last Alaska Moon", pop songs like Stephen Bishop's "On and On" and some fun songs with titles like "Railroad Bill", "'I'm Not as Herbal as I Ought to Be", "The Dollar Bill Song" and "Olympic Guitar" complete with a running commentary as he played the guitar. Mr. Taylor mentioned that he flew his own plane from Boston to Pittsburgh before singing "Kitty Hawk" (his tribute song to The Wright Brothers first flight in December 1903), a song off his fall 2009 CD "Last Alaska Moon". Along with the title track,  he also sang "I'm in a Pickle" and told us how difficult it was for him to find something to rhyme with the word hope in the song "Never Lose Hope". Mr. Taylor is not afraid to go way back in time to share with us his love of well constructed pop songs.  He tried to imagine Irving Berlin convincing a producer to listen to "God Bless America" with the word foam in the lyric: "To the oceans, white with foam" Mr. Taylor also knows how to write pop songs of his own like "Carolina Day". Great stories.  Great music.  What a treat to have Livingston Taylor back in the Burgh.  Ah - It's summer! Review of Livingston Taylor's concert in Carlisle, PA, October 2008 Review of "Last Alaska Moon", November 2009 Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host