You Gotta Hear This :: Lissie

You Gotta Hear This features an inside look into a new release you may have missed, hosted by Cindy Howes. Lissie is a [email protected]$$. She's got a ferocious cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and history of spitting in people's faces. Those two facts are not related, but they're reasons to turn your head/raise your eyebrow when you get to know Lissie- a midwestern girl who's been living in the LA area for a few years. Soulful, rootsy, and a [email protected]$$. Update: since this podcast was made, a release date for her debut Catch A Tiger has been announced for June 21st. YES!.... You can hear a review and clips from her EP Why You Running on the latest YGHT.

Check your podcasts for an update or listen right here: YGHT :: Lissie

YGHT is also heard on The Music Lab.