The Local News- February

Local News Okay! I know the month is almost over, but I had to shovel out this blog (#SnOMGPgh!) and it took longer than I anticipated. Soooooo here's the featured local artists of the month airing on The Local News (Mon-Thurs @ 9 PM or on the podcast) for my birthday month.... xoxo Cindy Paul Luc- "Aftermath" (A Revival. A Roadsong. A Rearview Mirror.) This is Paul's second release. He's working with the same band- who make up a large part of The Paul Luc sound. This is not a singer-songwriter-folk album. This is a roots-rock anthem-filled rock-rocky album. This song serves as a great opening to the record. Bill Toms & Hard Rain- "Sweat Stained Shirts" (Live At Moondog's) Solid live album from one of Pittburgh's finest Blue-Collared Soul/Blues musicians. This tracks shows Bill's pride in his Pittsburgh roots through the town's steel mill history. Someone get this song to Bruce Springsteen ASAP. Nicole Reynolds- "Crazy as You" (A Fine Set of Fools) Nicole's delicate, yet effective, dynamic is ever-present on this sonically diverse album. This song is a fun upbeat sweet indie rock number which features smart witty lyrics. Sounds great! Beware Fashionable Women- "Rock Bottom" (Beware Fashionable Women) BFW's sound captures that ironic alt-rock we all love from the 90's. They remind me of bands like Weezer, Blink 182 and They Might Be Giants in certain ways. They also have some sweet Beach Boys-esque harmonies on this song.