The Beatles: I've Got to Admit It's Getting Better

The number "9" was a favorite of John Lennon's (n.b., "Revolution 9," "#9 Dream"), so it's quite fitting that The Beatles' record company is releasing the first major updating of The Beatles' CD catalogue since the discs were first released twenty years ago on 09-09-09, or this Wednesday, September 9th. Box sets with the entire band's original recorded output in stereo and another one in mono are coming out that day, each painstakingly remastered with technology not available when the CDs first hit the ears of Fab Four fans in the late 1980s. To give you a sampler platter of these reissues, WYEP will play one song from the stereo remasters each hour from 6am to 6pm on Wednesday. We'll select a dozen of the most interesting songs with updated sonics and let you taste for yourself. Meanwhile, here's a review of the reissues. (Here's a more audiophile-oriented review.) The remasters are coming out in conjunction with the Rock Band video game with a Beatles theme.