We've had a lot of positive reaction to K'Naan's new song 'Wavin Flag' on WYEP.  From K'Naan's wikipedia page I discovered he was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and spent his childhood in the district of Wardhiigleey ("The River of Blood") and lived there during the Somali Civil War.  His aunt, Magool, was one of Somalia's most famous singers. His 2nd effort called 'Troubadour' is being well received by critics and music fans. His music falls somewhere between reggae, hip hop, and r&b. There's definitely a positive feel and message to his lyrics and music. According to K'naan, he makes "urgent music with a message", talking about the situation in his homeland of Somalia and calling for an end to violence and bloodshed. He curently lives in Canada. Something to check out.