Pete Seeger Turns 90 !

91.3fm WYEP will air two special programs to help celebrate the 90th birthday of legendary folk artist Pete Seeger. Both programs air on 91.3fm WYEP on Sunday, May 3.


Pete Seeger Tribute on “An American Sampler”

Sunday, May 3 from 8 to 10am Ken Batista hosts a two-hour special tribute in song to Pete Seeger, with Seeger’s music, music from his siblings and family, the Clearwater project, and numerous covers. “An American Sampler” is a WYEP program dedicated to traditional and contemporary folk music, airing on Sundays from 7 to 11 am.


“The Protest Singer: An Intimate Conversation with Pete Seeger”

Sunday, May 3: 6 to 7am, rebroadcast from 6 to7pm

WYEP will broadcast a national hour-long special featuring music and an interview with Seeger in honor of his birthday. Seeger discusses his career, being blacklisted, the view from 90, how music can still change the world, and his new book The Protest Singer.