A journey through song, 2009, Day 7

On Day 7 we were scheduled to be at Great Stirrup Cay, a private island in the Bahamas.  Due to the windy weather we couldn't tender off the island, so instead we docked at Nassau.  No one seemed upset at the change.  What a beautiful city!  I will always remember the ship pulling away from Nassau in the sunset, with the picturesque lighthouse. The last evening.  On the windy Pool Deck, Oakhurst was joined by Levi Lowery (a very talented fiddler who seemed to sit in with everyone), then Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) and also Shawn Mullins (who did a John Prine song).  I ended up sitting next to Heather Luttrell (who we never got to see perform). The final show in the Stardust Theater was supposed to be by Buddy Miller (who is recovering from triple-by pass surgery).  Instead it was a show billed as the Know-Buddies.  Since Buddy Miller was our original choice for "Twice as Nice" we were given reserved seating in the 1st 4 rows, for this general admission show.  Wow.  It was a who's who of the performers on the Cayamo Cruise. Webb Wilder opened up the show, doing two new songs from his upcoming album.  He then did MC duties (he was previously a host of a show on satellite radio) for this tribute to Buddy Miller.  Wilder is a neighbor of Miller and often sees him in the grocery story.  Some performers did Buddy Miller tunes.  The collaborations were amazing. Canadians Kathleen Edwards (violin), Ed Robertson (guitar) and the Denver based banjo player from Oakhurst did "I Hate Winnipeg".  Robertson suggested a mutiny of sorts.  Since the passengers outnumber the crew, he wanted to storm the Sixthman offices at 3 a.m. to take over the ship.  We were all having so much fun, we just didn't want it to end. Edwards teamed up with Tift Merritt and did a bit of a Vegas like comedy act (what a great singing voice Merritt has - she also plays a mean harmonica).  Shawn Mullins lead a super group that included David Ryan Harris and Heather Luttrell.  Ken Block teamed up with Aslyn (both from FL) and a few others on a Tom Petty Song.  Shawn Colvin, Brandi Carlile and Patty Griffin each took turns singing alone and in collaboration.  Wow. In Gatsby's, we briefly saw Jeff Holmes (Floating Men).  We then went to the Spinnaker and caught Aslyn's last song.  It was a touching tribute to her grandparents.  He grandfather was named Wally (same as my dad) and it was about having a long relationship with the one you love.  It made me cry.  What a lovely way to end the evening.  We wish we had seen more of Aslyn, what a voice, what command of the piano! We weren't able to see everyone perform, but we made every attempt to at least see a few moments of as many performers as we could.  What an amazing line up of talent.  It would be hard to duplicate anywhere else.  We're ready to sign up for the journey through song, 2010! Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host