A journey through song, 2009, Day 6

Day 6: It’s a day with a moderate sea and strong winds. They had to cover the equipment once due to a quick rain storm. I was able to access the Internet on the Pool Deck, while listening to Bonepony.  They were followed by The Greencards (re-scheduled from the previous day, due to the weather).  They play quite a variety of music.  Great energy and sound (especially when they did bluegrass)

We both got some sun and despite using 50 SPF, I have some sun burn on my shoulders, chest and neck.

As part of "Twice as Nice" we had our photo taken with Brandi Carlile. It was a nice opportunity, even if it was very quick.  The photo came out nice and it's a good memory of the cruise.

The shows were all running a bit late on the Pool Deck, so we only caught part of Drew Copeland's (Sister Hazel) show.  He's been working with Edwin McCain on his solo effort and you could hear the influence.  We think Marc Broussard also sounds like McCain.

We finally got to see multi-instrumentalist Kathleen Edwards do a whole show.  I had no idea she played the violin.  She said her husband comforted her after her losses at the casino with goodies from the chocolate buffet.  Edwards also freely used "adult language".  She told an entertaining story about making the video to "I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory".

Glen Phillips has some great guys backing him up.  One is Luke Bulla on fiddle (Works Progress Administration), the other is Jonathan Kingham.  Phillips gave each a chance to solo during the set.  Kingham stole the show with a rap during a Bobby Brown song all about the Cayamo cruise experience on the Norwegian Dawn.  He earned a much deserved standing ovation.  Phillips did a song about being present when his father passed on.  Mr. Barb and I could relate.  After his performance I was able to chat with Phillips and get his autograph.  He also kindly posed for a photo with me, doing a 2nd take, as he blinked the 1st time.

The Spinnaker Lounge was perhaps not the right venue for someone such as Webb Wilder.  A tight band, but very loud!  Very good at what he does.  Other artists should watch him and learn how it's done.

Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) was in Dazzles.  The lounge we could never get into, and always had to settle for standing along the fringe.  Roberston is very entertaining and we were glad to catch him performing again before turning in for the evening.

We sailed into the Eastern Time Zone and to the Bahamas. Of course we would lose the hour again when we went back to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. Oh well. As Glen Phillips said we’re on a cruise, we get back to reality next week and can sleep then.

On a cruise, you can’t help but run into the performers in the hall ways. Lyle Lovett is impeccably dressed even when not on stage. Mr. Barb saw Ed Roland in the bathroom. You just never know. The performers seem open to chatting informally with fans.  I usually was on the look out for performers in the Garden Cafe, like all of us, they had to eat sometime.

Barb S.  – Sunday Mix Host