A journey through song, 2009, Day 5

Another humid, windy day in the 80’s ashore, in the very quaint Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Shawn Mullins was supposed to play the Pool Deck, but due to rain and 2” of water on the stage and over the wires, his show was moved inside to the Atrium.  Another part of the Cayamo experience is being flexible. Mullins was also joined by guests for his final set, including the banjo player from Oakhurst.  Mullins stuck to his more familiar material.  It was a so neat to see people gathering all around the Atrium, on the spiral staircases, in the glass elevators and in any free space they could find to see Mullins.  Afterwards he signed autographs at the Merch Store.  I finally got the opportunity to get my photo taken with him and I had not showered and was wearing a hat to cover my hair. Mullins was very gracious.

Next we caught Darrell Scott.  Like the others, he had guests join him on stage throughout the show.   After a shower and dinner we went to see Ed Robertson.  He’s quirky. A good quirky and I bet a fun dad.  He did a few Barenaked Ladies songs and had a few guest artists, including a “cruiser” who played a mean harmonica. Before we went to hear more music we went to a chocolate buffet (I drew the line tho on chocolate sushi).  We caught a bit of Edie Carey, Vienna Teng and Beth Woods.  We like all three ladies.  Next we went to see Ed Roland (Collective Soul).  He admitted he was not proficient on the guitar (I couldn’t tell).  He’s working on writing songs for next Collective Soul CD and was looking for some ideas from the cruisers.  It’s obvious he writes more for a group then solo, but it still translated quite well on stage.  We ended the evening with the veteran Cayamo act Oakhurst.

Barb S.  – Sunday Mix Host