John Mayer

As the sun was setting over Burgettstown, John Mayer and his seven-piece band (including sax and trumpet) entered the dark pavilion stage to perform a two-hour show.

The fans at the John Mayer concerts seem to be getting younger.  Or, maybe, I’m just getting older.  The young ladies in the crowd were screaming loudly how much they loved John - I’m sure I will regain my hearing soon.  We have family in town from CT, and my 17-year-old nephew (who will be seeing John in his home state of CT) seemed impressed that I not only knew who John Mayer was, but that I was attending my 3rd John Mayer concert.  Maybe old Aunt Barb is more hip than he originally thought.

The fans seemed to know every word of every song that John sang.  I just hope they are getting the message too.  John’s lyrics are quite sophisticated for someone who will be turning 31 in October.  In the 2 years since I’ve last seen John live, he has matured as a performer, but there’s still some polishing left to do.  The pregnant pauses in between songs could be a bit shorter.  Yes I realize they’re changing guitars and setting up for the next song, but it breaks up the “Continuum” of the show.  In 2007, John was named one of the “New Guitar Gods” and nicknamed “Slowhand, Jr.”, and he showed why he deserved that honor during his 16-song set.  Nice additions to the band were sax and trumpet players.  The lighting on stage was also very effective.

One of the songs I was hoping to hear was “Free Fallin”, which John sang and gave credit to Mr. Tom Petty (do the young fans even know who Tom Petty is?).  I was also thrilled to hear the new release “Say”, which really comes to life live.  Another highlight was “Stitched Up”.  It was a very nice touch for John to sign someone's program before leaving the stage, prior to the encore.

During the show, John did not talk to the audience much, but he made up for it during the encore.  The Grammy Award winner shared insights about the final three songs.  On John’s website, the fans are invited to “pick the encore” song they would like John to sing.  The top vote getter for Burgettstown was “Man On the Side” (for the record, I voted for “Stop This Train”).  At first, it seemed that John didn’t remember how the song went (noting it was the 2nd song he wrote) and then proceeded to tell a story about meeting a girl in the Berklee College of Music cafeteria in Boston and how she stood him up.

Check out the set list here.

Perfect August weather, made it an even more perfect night for the music of John Mayer live.

Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host