In My Opinion... The Dodo's

  The Dodo's are a band that is getting alot of critical praise this year for their release "Visiter". It's totally deserved. They're a duo from the San Francisco bay area, made up of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber, who seem to enjoy harmonies, percussion, and rock n' roll with their folk music. That's at least what I keep reading, and it's all true. I would just add that like most good music, it holds elements of a lot more than that. I'm not going to join the superlative bandwagon on this one. I'll just say I find it highly enjoyable. Long is apparently rather interested in the West African style of percussion know as Ewe drumming. It's very rhythmic, and you can hear this throughout their music. Pounding drums mixed in with Longs finger picking, that reminds you almost of bluegrass at times, makes for a rather unique sound. I had a chance to see them this past spring at the Garfield Artworks, and their just as good live. They were playing as a trio that night, with the third member adding more percussion to the mix (xylophone, trash cans, toy pianos, etc.). It created a sound in the small venue that pounded against your chest, while the great melodies stuck in your head. If I had to pick the best album of 2008 right now, so far, this would be it.  You can hear them on my show from time to time.  Tuesday evenings from 8pm-12am. -Andy, Tuesday Evening Mix