High Places

The High Places button on my iPod is starting to fail from regular use. High Places are an electronic boy-girl duo from Brooklyn - I know that's fairly well-worn territory, but don't let that set you off. Mary Pearson and Rob Barber experiment with offbeat production techniques, blending layers of tape-saturated tribal glyphs into blankets of sparse, danceable sound. The lyrics are usually fairly innocuous -- apologies to endangered species, love letters to Martians, stories of how cars existed before humans found them. Where can you hear more? I play High Places regularly on my show (every other Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 4 a.m.); Thrill Jockey just released a collection of their singles, called 03/07 - 09/07; and they're coming to town -- September 16 at Brillobox. Their full-length album is due out September 23. James Acklin Overnight Mix Host