Favorite Songs of The 90's: "Doin' The Cockroach"

From my perspective, one of the best things about meeting new people has always been learning about new music. Growing up, my friends and I always had the common bond of music. We all loved it. Therefore, when I would be introduced to new people through friends, sooner or later that person would usually introduce me to an artist or band I had never heard of. I can pinpoint certain music with certain friends. With Justin, it was Modest Mouse. I had met Justin in high school. I had noticed Clint, another friend, and Justin making comments for a few weeks about a band named Modest Mouse. It usually involved Clint making jokes about them being awful, and Justin defending them. Apparently, there was a line in one of their songs that mentioned something like, "God Damn / I hope I can pass high school". Clint thought this was awful, and to be honest when saying it out loud without heairng the song it does seem pretty bad. Also, there was supposedly another song about cockroachs that was bad, too. A bunch of us were at a BBQ one day, when Justin mentioned he had to pick someone up to bring over. I said I would go along for the ride. Well, as Justin and I hopped in his car that day we began talking. He made some sort of comment involving this band Modest Mouse. I said, "Who or what is this Modest Mouse thing? You guys keep talking about it." Justin replied, "You haven't heard the Mouse?! Oh wow, you gotta hear it. This... this is good." Now please realize, looking back Justin was probably talking this up in hopes he could get me to agree with him about their quality, and therefore, have someone to back him when Clint made jokes. However, at the time I wasn't thinking about this. I was just intrigued. So then Justin put on a mix tape he had in the car, and found a Modest Mouse song on it. It was called "Doing The Cockroach". From the moment it started, I liked it. It starts slowly with singer Issac Brock stating, "I was in heaven / I was in hell / Believe in neither / But fear 'em as well". On the word "fear" the drums kick in. As it builds the song chugs at an increasingly faster pace till Brock announces, "We're Doin The Cockroach, Yeah!!!". From there forward the song is pure rock n' roll. It's raw and primal. By the time the song ended, I was on board. Justin didn't have to sell it to me. To this day, I have no idea how to "Do The Cockroach". I'm not even sure if it is suppose to be a dance of some kind. It's a great song, however. It's a sound that only a band as young and naive as they were could probably make. The trio had formed when they were teenagers, and when the song was released I don't think anyone was more than 21 or 22. They're clearly not doubting themselves or thinking too much about it. They're just going for it. They have become a different band in recent years. I still enjoy it for the most part, but it's different. Issac Brock has learned how to craft a song. He's explored other areas and branched out. Early tunes, like "Doin The Cockroach", might not work on a more recent Modest Mouse record. That's okay, and probably good for him. I still love the cockroach, though. Oh by the way, I believe within a year or so Clint had agreed that they were pretty good. Justin didn't need my help. -Andy, Tuesday Evening Mix