Local Natives Interview


Local Natives recently performed at Stage AE.  Guitarist/keyboardist/singer Ryan Hahn spoke with Cindy about what it's like living in LA, the Hummingbird record, keeping friendship going while making music, and their recent performance on the David Letterman Show.

Local Natives are a band based out of Silver Lake, Californnia, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.  Hahn comments on how being from LA has effected the growth and development of the band, pratice, and touring.  "Well before we even moved there, we kind of viewed Silverlake as this mecca for bands.  We just knew as a band that we needed to move up there.  We tried to play every venue possible and kind of work our way up.  Hahn also comments on the sense of community within the LA/Silverlake music scene, "We just felt a lot of support living there. We would write there, it was a really good vibe to work in."

Local Natives had to relocate to New York to record the album Hummingbirds.  Hahn comments on the new album and how it reflects the "trying times" he and his bandmates were going through during the recording process.  "Yeah while they are [the tracks on Hummingbird] are about heavier subjects and some of them can be pretty sad at times. For us, I think they feel more joyful, in having worked through all of this we've kind of come out the other side so much better for it."

The members of Local Natives are a part of a close knit group of friends, some of which went to high school and lived together.  Hahn comments on maintaining the friendship part of their relationship.  "It's not natural to spend this much time with your friends. We just know each other so well, we know what buttons to press and not to press and we kind of navigate it in this weird democratic way.  But at the same time we all are still best friends and love being able to hang out with each other."

To promote their latest album, Hummingbird, Local Natives recently peformed on the David Letterman show.  Hahn described the experience.  "It was really cool, actually.Wwe've gotten to do a few late night shows now.  For some reason this one was just really smooth and we had no problems and the crew was helpful."  Hahn also highlighted how David Letterman was into the fact that Local Natives was from LA.  ""We said we were from Silverlake instead of Los Angeles for some reason and he was like "Oh yeah, right by the stadium," so yeah he knew what was up.""


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