Terry O'Reilly headshot

Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corp is excited to welcome Terry O'Reilly as CEO

Longtime media executive Terry O’Reilly has been named president and CEO of Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation, owner of the FM radio stations 91.3 WYEP and 90.5 WESA. A veteran of commercial, entrepreneurial and public media, he will join PCBC on August 1, 2016. (Read more...)



Every weekday at this time we will attempt to jump start your brain with THE WORD OF THE DAY.

This challenge involves us selecting one intriguing vocabulary word and defining said word.

Your job is to further assist us in comprehending the WORD OF THE DAY by using it creatively in a sentence.

Send your sentence via phone: 412 381 9900, email: wordoftheday@wyep.org or WYEP’s Twitter or Facebook

The most amusing usage will be revealed at 6:50

This being the week before The Steelers play in the big game on Sunday - We've got a week of Superbowl related words for WORD OF THE DAY

"The Immaculate Reception" is one of the most famous plays in the history of American football. It occurred @ the 1972 AFC playoff game between the Steelers and the Raiders. Pittsburgh running back Franco Harris caught a deflected football just before it hit the ground, and ran in for a touchdown that won the game for the Steelers.

Today's word is Immaculate

Immaculate (adj) - Free from flaws or mistakes; perfect