Be My Thrill

If I was limited to only one adjective to describe the music of The Weepies it would be “sweet.” I know that word raises negative connotations with saccharine at the top of the list but I’ll still risk it. Be My Thrill is loaded with charming melodies and appealing harmonies but in the lyrics there lurk suggestions of discontent and warnings of pitfalls. The album was written during a period in which the husband and wife duo, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, welcomed their first born after a long period of trying for a family. Perhaps that accounts for the joyful nature of the music. The time spent at home also afforded the couple the time to craft these songs.

The Weepies success is anchored in their ability to merge the best aspects of folk and pop. The duo’s acoustic instrumentation is bolster by a cast of seasoned musicians including their longtime drummer Frank Lenz, guitarist Meg Toohey, legendary bassist Tony Levins, and Larry Klein – who has won raves as both a producer and player with Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin. Just as important to The Weepies success is their harmonies and Deb Talan’s understated lead vocals. Her delivery is straight forward and without frills, making for easy deciphering of lyrics. Throw in a few strings and zylophones and you've got a recipe for the musical equivalent of dessert.

There are a few deviations in musical direction on Be My Thrill signaled by Tannen taking the lead as on “How Do You Get High” and “Red Red Rose.” The band shines on the songs that reflect the happiness of the couple’s new family life in California. “I Was Made For Sunny Days” is already a hit on satellite channels and has found its way to supermarkets and airport terminals. The Weepies sound is universally inoffensive; a spoonful of Be My Thrill will make any day a little easier to handle.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix Host)