Infinite Arms

Asheville, NC based Band Of Horses, known for soaring harmonies and infectious southern/indie rock, have been a band on the rise in recent years. Their third release Infinite Arms will surely push them farther along in their career and help define them as one of the most important bands of their generation. Lead by Ben Bridwell, former member of the Seattle band "Carrissa's Wierd," Band of Horses have had a rotating cast of players over the course of their short history. Bridwell, with his unmistakable upper register vocals, has been the consistent component in the band's sound, but past and present members have contributed to shaping the band's brand.

Infinite Arms find Band of Horses embracing comparisons to early Neil Young and even Brian Wilson (strings!). “On My Way Back Home” was recorded it in the same echo chamber that The Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds. Instrumentalist and solo artist Tyler Ramsey contributes several songs to this album and it makes you wonder if his presence in the group has had some effect on Bridwell's songwriting. Ramsey shines on “Evening Kitchen”, a track that features his vocals while Bridwell backs him up. The band sounds tight, the album flows well and overall, this is a great release from a young band that has already made a mark in modern American music history. For the most part, Band of Horses self-produced this record. They did have Phil Ek step in to help rein the band in and cut away heavy-handed ideas. Ek's produced their 2 previous albums as well as groups like The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse and Built To Spill.

Cindy Howes (Morning Mix Host)