To the Sea

The king of frothy pop music returns just in time for the sun and surf season. Jack Johnson doesn’t look to create new avenues in his music, he’s not the type of musician to explore new genres or experiment with new instrumentation or arrangements. He works his simple tried and true formula to great effect and that’s what you can expect from To the Sea. Johnson is an acoustic jam man. He throws in the accompanying electric guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards but doesn’t upset his fans with anything other than the expected, and why not, it sure does work for him. Johnston fills stadiums and his music is downloaded and even bought in CD fashion in great abundance.

The 14 tracks (one track is sound-effect) on To the Sea are mostly upbeat songs about love and relationships – same as it ever was. “My Little Girl” chugs along on a slight world-beat tempo, and “What You Thought You Need” is a live recording.Jack Johnson plays the “Jimmy Buffett” role for his generation. The music is pleasant, laid-back stuff that is suitable for a fuzzy night on the back porch or a laconic day at the beach. You don’t want to think, you just want to hang out, and enjoy yourself with your buddies and best girl