It’s not surprising that Ingrid Michaelson has a background in Theater. Her voice is so expressive and her songs are set up like little plays. She knows how to write a song that will draw you deep in. You’ll get wrapped up even if you’re not heartbroken or longing for love. You feel heavy-hearted when you listen to songs like “Soldier” or “Maybe”. This must have something to do with her degree in theater from Binghamton University. Ingrid grew up in a household that was centered around art. Her father is a composer and her mother is sculptor and Executive Director and President of the Staten Island Museum, where Ingrid grew up. You can just tell from the lyrics of her previous and most recent album, Everybody, that she was reared in a house that was creatively and emotionally supportive. The way she rose to fame was not a commonly told tale at the time. Her debut album caught the attention of the TV show Grey’s Anatomy and several other TV outlets. She was able to leave her directing job in 2007 and completely focus on music. Everybody is her first work as a full time musician and the first time she’s used a producer. This album sounds more focused, complete and with producer Dan Romer’s help, sonically beautiful. The songs are mostly set up as flowing piano ballads that are the perfect therapy for when you feel like a grey winter’s day. There are exceptions, especially in the jaunty title-track, “Everybody” and ukulele-based “Mountain and The Sea”. I guess she can’t help but write a cheery sounding song when she gets a tiny guitar in her hands. Also! Check out the WYEP Music Blog for a special Ingrid widget with previews of the new album.

Cindy Howes (Morning Mix Host)