Donora is an outstanding member of the local music scene in Pittsburgh. The indie-pop trio has just released their self-titled debut album. The band, made up of brother and sister Jake and Casey Hanner and another Jake – Jake Churton, has crafted catchy hooks, sharp melodies and tight instrumentation over the few years they have been playing together. This album is full of hits that will be in your head all day long – guaranteed.

Donora also have a secret weapon behind their debut. The Hanners enlisted their father to produce this record. Now, you might think "Super – they got their dad to make their album. Who cares?" However, Jake and Casey's dad is Dave Hanner, an expert producer, hit songwriter and one half of the country duo Corbin Hanner. Not bad. He's been hands on throughout the whole process and understands more than anyone, aside from the band, what Donora should sound like.

You really can't lose with this album. Between Casey's beautiful, unique voice and fun vocal stutters, Jake H's upbeat drumming and samples and Jake C's "lead guitar"-like bass playing, the only thing they could screw up is the songwriting. Fortunately, they've nailed that down too. Between songs about hardcore bands (Saturday Night) and relationships (Shhh), Donora's got the best of both worlds, meaningful fun lyrics and that wicked catchy delivery.

Cindy Howes (Morning Mix Host)