Live & Direct, Vol. 10

Live performance offers the opportunity to hear an artist stripped bare of studio trappings, leaving the essential ingredients intact. What you get is the song, the emotion, the vulnerability of the singer. You also get a shot at the unexpected; one never knows what kind of happy accident might impact the delivery of a song. In-studio performances are a rare radio occurrence but are a regular and unique aspect to WYEP’s programming philosophy. The WYEP Community Broadcast Center was designed with live music in mind and studio audiences are integral to that end. It’s truly amazing the impact an audience can have on a performer. WYEP Live & Direct Volume 10 features full-on band performances from Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles, Nickel Creek, and Ozomatli. The house was rocking when these folks played and audience members fed off the band’s energy as well as each other’s enthusiasm. Suzanne Vega’s erudite songs blossomed in front of a backing band and the audience’s love. Andrew Bird wowed the house with his one-man-band performance that featured guitar and violin. It was truly a mystical experience. Piers Faccini was largely unknown when he performed for a WYEP audience and his show won new fans for his intricate melodies and dark lyrics. Martin Sexton, a long-time WYEP favorite, stunned both the studio and radio audience with his beautiful vocals. The Stone Coyotes are always a sure bet for a study in Rock ‘n’ Roll basics as Barbara Keith and family blast out their 3 chord songs. Samite was simply magical as he performed before an audience of middle and high school age students. Not all performances were recorded with an audience. Some of the artists you’ll hear on Volume 10 performed in our small studio with just a WYEP host present but these performances are no less intense. Case in point – Elvis Perkins. I’m sure there were abundant cases of goose-bumps as his confessional songs poured out live over the radio airwaves. Ditto for Ellis Paul and Jesse Harris. And what fun we had shoe-horning four members of Vega 4 into the small studio for their WYEP debut. Another important focus of WYEP’s programming is local music. We are proud to have the talents of New Invisible Joy, Paul Luc, Donora, and Sonji on Volume 10. We hope you enjoy this collection of live music from The WYEP Community Broadcast Center, especially if you were able to listen live or attend one of these performances. We look forward to inviting you to future in-studio sessions and thank you for making it possible with your financial support.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix Host)