Volume One

She & Him “Volume One” Oh. Another movie star (Zooey Deschanel) is going to release an album full of original songs. Oh. She’s partnered up with a well respected indie singer (M. Ward). I haven’t heard this one before... Wait. It’s actually pretty awesome.

Zooey and Matt met while recording a Richard and Linda Thompson song (When I Get To the Border) for a movie soundtrack that Zooey was a part of. Matt was really impressed with her voice (remember when she sang in Elf? Pretty great, right?) and also learned that she had written some songs. He got her to agree to a project and She & Him got their plan underway.

Produced by Matt, Volume One is a throw-back to various sounds and styles such as 60’s girl groups, traditional folk and old timey country and western. Zooey’s voice is clear and shining throughout the entire album and the girl can write a saaaad number. Highlights include “Sentimental Heart”, “This is Not a Test” and a heart-stoppingly good cover of “You Really Got a Hold On Me”.

You’d hope that titling an album Volume One would mean that there is more on the way. We can only speculate, but in the meantime, we’ve got this collection of tunes to enjoy.

Cindy Howes Morning Mix Host

Cindy Howes