WYEP Live & Direct Volume 9

When musicians stop by the WYEP Community Broadcast Center to perform live on the air, something special happens. Occasionally, the results are magical. In rare instances, it's a disaster. Always, however, it's a fascinating combination of intimate informality and without-a-net live radio.

Some of the live performances on Live & Direct, Vol. 9, like the Ruthie Foster or Scott Miller songs, were recorded with just one performer and one of us DJs in the room. That sort of setting frequently has a feel like sitting in the artist's living room, hanging out, with them strumming their guitar for pure pleasure.

Other tracks (Gomez, The Cat Empire, G. Love) were recorded in front of an audience of WYEP listeners, and the presence of a crowd subtly alters the performance. There's an energy, a sort of inevitable feedback between musicians and audience, that gives the music an added dimension.

A few of the local artists (Jon Check, Ben Hardt) were recorded during WYEP's monthly local music happy hour, Third Thursdays. These are full-band, full-on concerts in front of an audience and the sound has the richness, both in sound and performance, of a live album.

The Live & Direct CD series is an aural yearbook of sorts, a memento of some of the best performances of the past year and a sonic who's who of folks who have played live in our area during that time. We hope that you enjoy experiencing and reliving these special moments in time and tune as much as we do.

Live & Direct Volume 9 is available with a $35 Additional Gift by current Members, or at the $75 level for New or Renewing Members.

Track listing: Gomez, "Girlshapedlovedrug" G. Love, "Hot Cookin’" Jon Check, "If You Come with Me" Laura Veirs, "Nightingale" Robyn Hitchcock, "Ole! Tarantula" Jonatha Brooke, "I’ll Leave the Light On" Ben Hardt, "Avalanche" The Cat Empire, "The Car Song" Ruthie Foster, "Fruits of My Labor" John Doe, "The Golden State" Tim Finn, "Persuasion" Mindy Smith, "Tennessee" Lohio, "Fainting Goats" Last Town Chorus, "It’s Not Over" Scott Miller, "I Made a Mess of This Town" Duncan Sheik, "White Limousine"

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director and Midday Mix Host