Armchair Apocrypha

Armchair Apocrypha is your entry into the extraordinary and eccentric world of a classically trained and most unconventional musician. Andrew Bird learned violin through the Suzuki method at age 4. By his teenage years, with a repertoire of the classics firmly implanted, Bird expanded his musical range to include American Blues and Jazz, Hungarian Gypsy music as well as rock and roll.

Armchair Apocrypha is Bird's 10th and most accomplished release and his first for the Fat Possum label. Recorded in Minneapolis' Crazy Beat Studios, Bird teams up with drummer and keyboard player, Martin Dosh, and a collection of other area musicians. The band provides an edgier and harder sound to counterbalance Bird's sweet yet intricate melodies. Bird's arrangements, which include plucked strings, bombast drum lines, wurlitzers, Spanish guitar and his signature whistling, will continue to delight his longtime fans and will surely take newcomers by surprise. However, pay close attention to Bird’s lyrics; from the oblique to the sublime, his words capture the wild imaginings of a truly unique brainiac. His vignettes are drawn from a wide palate, employing vocabulary not readily found in contemporary pop music. If you're ready to expand your perception of pop music let Andrew Bird escort you to the horizon.

Rosemary Welsch, WYEP Program Director