Mind How You Go

The former vocalist for the group Morcheeba, the London born Skye Edwards, has her first solo album out. After Morcheeba's fourth album came out in 2002, the group decided to go on a hiatus, so Skye started contemplating her own record apart from the band. Meanwhile, the other members of Morcheeba decided to move on without Skye and sought out a new vocalist. Skye has turned out to have a bit of a laugh on her former bandmates, as she has turned out the superior album following her departure.

Skye wasn't primarily a songwriter within Morcheeba (she was often given songwriting credit in the band for making the lyrics fit the music written by her partners), although she was writing her own songs on guitar long before joining the group. She studied some albums of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to broaden her perspective in songwriting.

The album's first single "What's Wrong With Me" was one song that she wrote inspired by the complex song structures of artists like Joni Mitchell. Skye says she kept asking her producer "Where's the chorus?" and needed to be reassured that she didn't need a traditional chorus.

While Skye's songs don't reach the level of her inspirations, she does achieve a marvelous blend of ethereal, melodic pop and chill-out groove. Skye's vocals are arranged beautifully, from the hypnotic, layered trip-folk of "Solitary" to the memorable acapella final song, "Jamaica Days."

There's a terrific song near the end of the album called "Powerful," in which Skye could well be referring to her departure from Morcheeba and her embarking on this new solo chapter in her career. "Cause I'm ready to fly, I've gotta spread my wings," she sings. "Can you feel me now, powerful? Do ya hear me now?"

Powerful, indeed--both her voice, as well as the strength of her debut solo release.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director