Talk to La Bomb

The second album from the New York quartet is a strong, confident release, packed with the sultry sexy sound the group established on their debut last year and taking it a step further in multiple directions. Where the first album was chic and cool, the new one is more in-your-face.

The group smartly kept the vocals of charismatic lead singer Sabina Sciubba front and center in their first outing, but they're not afraid to murky it up this time around. Sciubba's vocals, once again sung in a cornucopia of English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish, is sometimes obscured behind filters or coarse keyboards.

Also similar to their debut is the band's rough-edged sense of humor, blending both highbrow and lowbrow like undergrad wags. In "Never Met a German," for example, the lyrics feature bombastic sexually-charged reaction to the rolling tanks of war.

Songs like "La Territoire"--a bouncy, urgent dance number with French vocals--are proabably love it or hate it territory for many listeners. There may not be much middle ground, and that may be the case for much of Talk to La Bomb. But if the band's reception among WYEP listeners is any gauge, I think more people will find this album irresistible than otherwise.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director