In 2003, three sets of performers emerged with their studio debut albums, grabbed a lot of attention and accolades, and then have taken their sweet time recording a proper follow-up CD. They were Damien Rice, Robert Randolph, and Los Lonely Boys. Robert Randolph's follow-up record is coming out soon, but it's been delayed several times now. Damien Rice's next album is nowhere in sight.

Los Lonely Boys, meanwhile, put out a live album last year but their proper sophomore album is out as of tomorrow, nearly three years after their self-titled debut. The Garza brothers--guitarist Henry, bassist JoJo, and drummer Ringo--kick off the new one with the fierce "My Way," their own declaration of independence from all the music industry types trying to meddle with the band's recording after the surprise success of their debut. "I don't need no fortune/I don't need no fame," the song begins amidst some chunky guitar riffing. "Don't tell me how to sing my song/Don't tell me what to say," the band concludes.

Most of the songs are ruminations on love lost and love fulfilled, as well as odes to the comforts of home and the majesty of life. "Outlaws" is a tribute to free-willed country singers, namechecking Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, and with the Boys' early fan Willie Nelson making a guest appearance.

The trio has added horns to their sound, but by and large, it's the same musical brew this time around, with Subdudes-style vocal harmonies and Santana-esque rock. The trio is not re-inventing themselves on this release, but they still bring the same excellent musicianship and showmanship to this record as on their first.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director