Time Without Consequence

Alexi Murdoch is clearly a man with patience. Not only does the Los Angeles singer/songwriter from Scotland take his time within his taut, sparse songs, but he's not about to rush his debut album despite ignoring huge amounts of publicity and attention from his initial EP.

In 2002, the singer released his debut recording, a four song EP simply titled Four Songs. Despite incredibly long odds, the self-released CD captived audiences and ended up getting radio airplay across the country, inclusion on movie and TV soundtracks, and even usage in two TV commercials. Much of this was due to what has become Murdoch's calling card, the beautiful song "Orange Sky," although all four songs showcased a talented young performer.

After a long (and, to his fans, painful) absence from CD racks, Murdoch has finally finished his first full-length album, Time Without Consequence. There's eleven songs on the new album, and three of them are repeats from the EP. Two of those songs also on the EP, "Song For You" and "Orange Sky," are newly recorded.

The new songs fit largely within the creative parameters Murdoch established on his EP: hypnotic, sparse Nick Drake-esque songs which wash over the listener like a clear, bracing mountain stream. It's no wonder that soundtrack supervisors for movies and TV shows have latched on to Murdoch's music; a listener to his music instantly feels transported to a cinematic world, where each little pluck of his guitar strings seem elevated to a larger-than-life magnificence.

Alexi Murdoch seems to be one of those artists who creates songs that are, depending on your perspective, either stunning examples of a mesmerizing performer or cause for head-scratching by listeners not sure what all the fuss is about. It remains to be seen whether Murdoch will receive the same kind of attention for Time Without Consequence as he did for Four Songs, but his music's quality has not slipped and deserves just as many accolades this go-round.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director