The Garden

The British band's third regular full-length album showcases their ongoing evolution with a somewhat more folk-rock mix to their approach. While continuing their tradition of a rotating series of guest vocalists, they chose well by adding Swedish singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez into the mix. His contributions on songs such as "Futures" tug the band in slightly new directions, even sounding like a mellow Crosby, Stills & Nash mashup when his voice is overdubbed with harmony parts. The Garden also features the return of wonderfully sultry singer Sia Furler (fresh from her own widely praised solo album). "A Fine Social Scene," with Sia on vocals, blends a dizzying range of source inspirations--even unexpected vocal arrangements reminiscent of Electric Light Orchestra. A great headphone album, The Garden will be the perfect late night accompaniment to Summer 2006.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director