American Myth

Jackie Greene'sophomore release is quite different from his debut according to the artist. "Sweet Somewhere Bound" was a solo effort and the songs reflected that in both spirit and arrangement. "American Myth" emerges as a band effort with songs that allow all the players to contribute their individual talents to Greene's American-life-style themed songs. In addition to Greene's work on sterling guitar, dobro, piano, organ and harmonica is Elvis Costello's Rhythm section - bassist Davey Fragher and drummer Pete Thomas. Also contributing to the release is guitarists Val McCallum and Greg Leisz and Tex-Mex accordionist Joel Guzman. At the producing helm is the multi-talented Steve Berlin of Los Lobos fame who also adds percussion, vibes and mellotron playing to his list of duties. Each songs offers an immediacy that comes from recording the songs live to tape and using analog gear for ambience. What Greene was after in the recording was the sound of the classic records he grew up admiring - Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Water and Leadbelly. He's succeeded in leaping from folk balladeer to bona fide rocker without losing the delicacy of his lyrical folk roots. Greene says, "These songs are all intended to paint a picture of Amercia, in a sort of a non-specific way. The characters in the songs are all American: the waitress with the tattoo, the mayor kissing babies, the drag queen, the sailors, the socialite." Driving the songs is Greene's evocative vocals and vivid imagery, whether he's belting out the rollicking single, "I'm So Gone" or delivering the beautifully sweet "Love Song; 2:00 AM."

Rosemary Welsch, WYEP Program Director