Childish Things

The Texas singer/songwriter's seventh studio album, and first since 2002's St. Mary of the Woods, features some of McMurtry's finest songwriting and some raging observations on the state of America today. In songs like "We Can't Make It Here," McMurtry unloads a craw full of anger—from the plight of vets of Vietnam and the Iraq wars to the paucity of decent-wage jobs for working people—and keeps the whole tirade bundled together with a chugging beat and enviable guitar-riffing. McMurtry is also concerned with time and the loss of innocence; the title song describes a man haunted by such changes, having traded in his carefree youth for a chair and a stock portfolio. A gritty storyteller in his lyrics, McMurtry improves upon many past albums with memorable hooks and a musical edge to match his words.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director