Back to Me

Sophomore slump? What sophomore slump? The Ottawa singer/songwriter's second album packs as much of a punch as her debut. On this release, Edwards fights her way through a maelstrom of memories and people from the past haunting her present, as in a great descriptive couplet from "Pink Emerson Radio": "Keys on the hook by the door/For the truck sold years ago." Most of the haunting is done by people, however, like an ex-lover wanting to get back together in "Old Times Sake" or the jilted narrator's scheming manipulation fantasies in "Back to Me". As Edwards sardonically points out in "Away," "Memory is a terrible thing/When you use it right." While singing, Edwards has a curious way of holding a note at the end of a line, almost as if she can't let go and it gets stuck in her throat. One can't help but not wanting the strong melodies and heartfelt lyrics of Back to Me to end as well.

Mike Sauter, WYEP Music Director